Tuesday, July 11, 2017

CashPoolPro TurboBoost

CPP is changing lives.

The CashPoolPro TurboBoost (CPP TurboBoost) is the latest automated Package in the CashPoolPro Packages and this is the fastest paying system in the world where members all over the world will earn up to 0.05btc or more on a weekly basis.

The Packages:

First of all, CashPoolPro has 3 packages and they are:

1. The CPPTurboBooster
2. The CPP Beginner's Package and
3. The Main CashPoolPro Package (This is the mother of all of them)

Here Is How It Works:

The CPP TurboBoost is an Automated 2x2 Straight-Line matrix system that gives every member the opportunity to cycle out of the system once a total number of 6 people had been placed after them by the system and every member will earn a total of 0.05btc in their bitcoin wallet.

After cycling out of the 2x2 matrix system, the system will automatically repurchase a new position for you on TurboBooster meaning you are going to cycle again and you do not have to make payment again, also the system will move you into the CPP Beginners package so as to facilitate your growth into the Main CPP Package (which is the mother package) and you do not have to pay again.

Once 3 people had been given to you by the system, you will be automatically moved to Phase 0 package which is the biggest Package in CashPoolPro business. And this is where you will earn well over 59.52 bitcoins whether you refer people into the biz or not.

Earnings in the CPPTurboBooster is extremely fast which also leads to a quicker cycling for everyone in the Main CPP Package where everyone will earn 59.52btc.

The Cost of joining the 2x2 matrix system is 0.015btc. You can also purchase more positions and earn more money within your first 48hrs to 78hrs by re-entering the system over and over again once you've cycled out.
E.g., If you purchase 4 positions you will earn 0.05btc x 4 = 0.2btc in total. This means more income for everyone.

 This is Very Important.

Since a lot of people might need some proofs of payment before they can recruit people into the CPPTurboBooster, CPP decides that, all members must recruit at least 2 people into the CPPTurboBooster ONCE they have earned their first commission in the CPPTurboBooster Package and failure to do this will definitely slow down their earnings in CPP.

And if you don't have any proofs yet, there is no need for you to refer anyone into the business.
After getting your proof by cycling if you cannot refer two people you can create two more accounts for yourself, by then you have cycled and earned 0.05btc so you will have the money to create the two extra accounts for yourself in case you cannot bring in two friends with your link. Remember you are not restricted to two cos the more you bring the more referral commissions you earn.

The CPPTurboBooster was lauchned 30th June, 2017 while CPP itself was launched 30th April, 2017 with the Main CPP Package.

How To Register Today
If you're not yet in CashPoolPro (CPP), you can create your CashPoolPro account by registering with the following link (Request for the registration video if needed); 

Then fund your bitcoin wallet with at least 0.0153btc so you can make 0.015btc payment.

But if you're a CPP member, all you need to do is to fund your CPP account with 0.015 btc and  purchase your TurboBoost position immediately. 

CPP is the original, most innovative and most trusted matrix that other matrice keeps copying her ideas and inventions. The admin is well known and loved and the community is very lively and active and happy.

See you at the top.